about me

photo by Gerry Orkin

Street photography for me is like an addiction.  And with any addiction there are highs and lows.  It is also about inserting yourself into a situation and becoming invisible.  Observing people, their interactions, shapes, movement, colours, light and shadows.  It’s about ‘seeing’ these things and capturing them.  What I love most is to lose myself in my invisibility and meld into the scene.   It’s almost a fugue-like state, like I’m not there, or like a fly on the wall, or wearing an invisibility cloak.  And this state is what fuels the addiction.


I am a self taught street photographer living in a small coastal village south of Sydney, Australia who has an addiction to street photography and travel (with my partner-in-crime and fellow street photographer Gerry Orkin - check out Gerry's awesome work). 


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And here’s a video that my fellow women street photographer Rebecca Wiltshire, Gerry and I made for @womeninstreet Stories in Varanasi India in November 2017.

about my work

My style is inspired by the Australian environment and the place where I live - the strong light, colours and of course the blue sky which is ever present.  

I like to create clean photos without clutter that stand out for their colour, shapes and movement.  I typically use blue sky to create a background across which colourful shapes float. 

Traveling elsewhere often presents a challenge as blue skies are limited in other parts of the world.  I therefore seek out colour, clean backgrounds, movement, gestures, interesting moments, humour and quirkiness.

work with me

Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! I will also be conducting monthly street photography workshops in Sydney with Gerry Orkin - commencing in late February 2018.

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, workshops and more.

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