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photo by Gerry Orkin

Street photography for me is like an addiction.  And with any addiction there are highs and lows.  It is also about inserting yourself into a situation and becoming invisible.  Observing people, their interactions, shapes, movement, colours, light and shadows.  It’s about ‘seeing’ these things and capturing them.  What I love most is to lose myself in my invisibility and meld into the scene.   It’s almost a fugue-like state, like I’m not there, or like a fly on the wall, or wearing an invisibility cloak.  And this state is what fuels the addiction.


Julia Coddington is an internationally recognised street photographer from Australia.  She is co-founder of the Unexposed Collective (with Rebecca Wiltshire), an online platform featuring Australian women and non-binary street photographers.  She is also an administrator of @womeninstreet, a growing international community of women street photographers.  

Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally, she has been a finalist in a number of local and international street photography competitions, has presented her work locally and Internationally and has been interviewed by various street photography magazines, organisations and groups.  She has taught workshops overseas and currently conducts street photography workshops with her partner Gerry Orkin in Sydney. 

She has three adult children, two sausage dogs, and Gerry, and lives in Austinmer, New South Wales and she can’t quite get enough travel and adventure in her life!

recent achievements

Finalist, Street Foto San Francisco, 2018

Prize Winner, Aussie Street Competition - Head On Sydney 2018

Finalist, Aussie Street Competition - Head On Sydney 2018

Finalist, Italian Street Photography Festival, 2018

Street Sans Frontieres Exhibition, Paris, 2018

Inclusion in World Street Photography Book 5 

Guest Presenter, Street Photo Milano, 2018

Guest Speaker, Loud and Luminous, Melbourne, 2018

Cofounder and Curator of the Unexposed Collective

Adminstrator of @womeninstreet

Inclusion in the following street photography lists:

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- Streethunters Women Street Photographers You Should Follow on the Web by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

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- Lensculture 2016 - 111 New Street Photography Discoveries - Selection and text by Jim Casper


Outerfocus Podcast No. 19 with Ian Weldon and Bradley Hanson

'Get Low Down Under' for 'Her Side of the Street' by Casey Meshbesher

- Pildoras de Calle: Julia Coddington - La Calle Es Nuestra, 2018

Under the blue sky of Australia by Jeff Chane-Mouye

- The Submarine - DIAFRAMMA - Julia Coddington, Beach by Nicolò Piuzzi

- 'Exposing the Unexposed: An Interview with Australia's Freshest Street Collective' by Dan Ginn

And here’s a video that my fellow women street photographer Rebecca Wiltshire, Gerry and I made for @womeninstreet Stories in Varanasi India in November 2017.

about my work

My style is inspired by the Australian environment and the place where I live - the strong light, colours and the blue sky which is ever present.  

I like to create clean photos without clutter that stand out for their colour, shapes and movement.  I typically use blue sky to create a background across which colourful shapes float. 

Traveling elsewhere often presents a challenge as blue skies are limited in other parts of the world.  I therefore seek out colour, clean backgrounds, movement, gestures, interesting moments, humour and quirkiness.

work with me

Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! I also conduct monthly street photography workshops in Sydney with Gerry Orkin.  

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, workshops and more.  

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