The Nitty Gritty (aka Terms and Conditions)


To secure your place please pay your 20% deposit as soon as possible and no later than the dates listed below for each adventure. The balance of 80% is due at least 6 weeks before the adventure starts (see dates below):

  • Tokyo (Friday 9 August - Wednesday 18 August 2024(inclusive) US$1500 - 20% deposit by 15th May 2024. Balance of payment (80%) due by 11th July 2024.
  • Rome (7 days) Thursday 5 September - Wednesday 11 September (inclusive) US$1100 - 20% deposit by 1st June 2024. Balance of payment (80%) due by 8th August 2024.
  • Istanbul (7 days) Thursday 26 September - Wednesday 2nd October (inclusive) $US1100 - 20% deposit by 15th June 2024. Balance of payment (80%) due by 26th August 2024.
  • Kolkata (7 days) for Durga Puja - Tuesday 8 October - Monday 14 October (inclusive) $US1100  - 20% deposit by 30th June 2024. Balance of payment (80%) due by 10th September 2024.

In the event that you need to cancel before the full amount is due, your deposit will be forfeited. In the event that you need to cancel after you have made full payment, the full amount will be forfeited unless I can find another person to take your place. If I cancel the adventure for any reason I will refund your full adventure fee (minus transaction fees).

The costs cover only the instruction component and you will be responsible for all additional costs (accommodation, travel and food).

Fees are listed in US dollars. Please use the currency converter when making your payments. All bank transfer fees will be covered by the participant. Contact Julia directly for payment instructions.


Julia will accept no responsibility for personal loss, accidents, injuries, death and health related issues during or after the adventure. If you become ill Julia will do her best to help out without impacting the other students.


You are responsible for all your insurance which should include at least basic travel insurance and medical insurance.

In the event the adventure is cancelled Julia is not responsible for reimbursement of your travel expenses. Please ensure air tickets are refundable and/or are covered by your travel insurance.


Please check all relevant Covid entry requirements for each country AND state (testing, vaccination, quarantine) and plan accordingly.


Please check Visa requirements for each country and allow enough time for visa approval.

Equipment to bring

Please bring a camera with a WIDE lens (28mm or 35mm equivalent). We will be zooming with our feet, not with our lenses. You should be well acquainted with your camera. Julia will not provide instruction on how to use your camera.

You should have enough batteries for a long day of shooting (and enough battery chargers). Bring extra SD cards. You will need a laptop with photo editing software (preferably Lightroom). Some people may choose to bring a back-up camera and a flash.

Preparation for the adventure

We will be photographing every day so you will be spending a lot of time on your feet and walking. You are street photographers after all! So please make sure you build up your fitness levels beforehand. On the longer adventures we will schedule a half or full day rest if the group thinks they need it.

These adventures are not five star tourist experiences and we will not be staying in luxury accommodation or be bused around in air-conditioned buses. The aim is to integrate into life in the place you are shooting in, not detach from it. Accommodation will be budget to three star so it is affordable for all and we will be taking local transport. We will also be eating local food. If you have particular dietary requirements please be prepared, particularly in India.

As with all travel experiences, it is possible you may get sick, especially in India so be prepared. Allow a few days to acclimatise to conditions and for your stomach to adjust to local food before the adventure starts, if time allows. Bring medication for diarrhoea and vomiting, colds, flus and infections. It’s always a good idea to bring antibiotics. Please check your country’s government travel health sites or your doctor to check which vaccinations and malaria medications you require.

Whatsapp group

Julia will create a Whatsapp group once all the participants are confirmed to discuss any of the above and to generally get ourselves prepared.

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